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❤ pin grading ❤

A Grade


This is the standard pin, with the highest quality offered. It has no visible factory defects and is in perfect condition!
Please note that the pins are handmade, so the "perfect" pin is practically impossible to find. Even Grade A pins, which are the most perfect out there, could have tiny flaws that, although not visible to the naked eye unless you examine them very carefully and closely, could be seen in certain types of lights or angles. .


B Grade


Pins with a single factory defect, which is small but visible if you look closely. People who are not extremely thorough in examining a pin will probably not be able to find the defect, at least at first glance, and if they do find it it will not bother them at all. Anyway, if you are a person who appreciates perfection, it is recommended not to buy this type of pins, and select only Grade A. 
Please do not select this type of pin if you are bothered by small but visible imperfections.
Imperfections could be: small specks of dust / lint stuck on the enamel during production, small scratches, small rusted area on the metal, small bubbles on the enamel ...


C Grade


Pins with several small defects, or a single defect

big / important. Pins of this grade are visibly imperfect.
Imperfections could be: poorly filled areas of enamel (partial or total lack of enamel in one area, or excess enamel covering part of the metal in one area), scratches, flecks of enamel, or larger and more visible areas of rusted metal .

All pins for sale are brand new and first hand; They have not been used in any way, but some of them may come with factory defects.
Depending on the number and severity of factory defects, or the absence of them, pins are divided into different grades. Grade B and C defects are totally random and cannot be chosen. You can see examples of these pins in the photo at the top of the page; the vast majority have much smaller defects than those in the photos, to the point where grades B could be considered grade A, or grades C could be considered grades B, but nothing can assure you that you will get a worse or better defect!

❤ I only sell my pins here and at conventions, if you see this pin anywhere else please don't buy it as it is an imitation! Do not support stores that steal designs from other artists! ❤

The pins are totally handmade by a professional manufacturer, so it is common to find some slightly defective units on the different batches. For this reason, I manually select the pins one by one to determine their grade of defect or perfection! Read more to know how pin grading works.

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